Where We've Been

We're grounded by decades of experience. We've been working on projects of all types since 1976.

70's Peace. Love. Engineering.

From our humble beginnings, Flatirons Engineering started out of Jerry's cabin behind the historic Red Lion Inn in the foothills of Boulder. Later in the decade Jerry partnered with Kirk Davis to create The Engineering Partnership (TEP) and renovated an abandoned hotel at 1414 Pearl Street in Boulder for its offices.together as a system.

70's Fun Fact:

square tomatoSpent time pondering the square tomato—an attempt to develop tomatoes that fit more efficiently in the square packaging necessary for shipping. A rare example of our thinking inside the box!

70's Interesting Projects:

  • Stanley Hotel - Examined every nook and cranny of the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park and rehabilitated its 80-year-old fascinating heating and electrical system.
  • Denver Botanical Gardens - air floor.
  • Colorado Mountain College - swamp-cooled building.

80's Boom and Bust

And back to humble beginnings again. TEP expanded to 15 and renovated another historic building for office space. The recession of the early 80s hit and TEP became one of many business fatalities. At the end of the decade Jerry opened anew out of his home.

80's Fun Fact:

t-squareT squares, pencils and compasses were the weapons of choice for engineers and drafters in the 70s and 80s. Anybody out there remember how to "Leroy?" (Nope, it's not a dance move; it's a method of precise lettering in ink on mylar or vellum)

80's Interesting Projects:

  • John Denver's home: major remodel
  • Saudi Arabian palace
  • High- rise buildings

90's The Electronic Era

Embracing the electronic era and sustainability ahead of our time. We helped shape the Boulder Bookstore, a Pearl Street Mall icon, into a sustainable building (before sustainability was cool). The advanced lighting and evaporative cooling systems among others still continue to function 20 years later. Brian and Ethan joined the firm. We dropped our pencils and went 100 percent electronic, thanks to AutoCAD.

90's Fun Fact:

beer glassWe toured and started the design of a new Gordon Biersch brewery in the historic Henry Weinhardt brewery on the "Brewery Block" in downtown Portland, Oregon. The only thing more breathtaking than the mural covering the brewer's penthouse office wall was the view from Brewer's balcony, at the time the highest point in the city, for one of the most popular men in town!

90's Interesting Projects:

  • The rise of the microbreweries, including many Rock Bottom breweries and Old Chicago restaurants.
  • Our medical facilities work grew significantly, including several small hospitals and medical office buildings.

00's A New Century

An eclectic mix of microbreweries, pet facilities, government buildings, mountain spaces and solar designs mark the beginning of the new century. Boulder Engineering expands the team and moves to a downtown Boulder office space to accommodate growth.

00's Interesting Projects:

  • Mircobreweries
  • A pet resort
  • Town halls
  • FBI building
  • Auditoriums

What's Next?

So far this decade we've seen growth in a down economy, babies and the re-emergence of sustainability and solar (which are now cool). Let us know how can we help you. We're ready!