We've done plenty of projects in the "other" category, including veterinary facilities and the latest frenzy has been working with "green" ventures (otherwise known as medical marijuana facilities).

Miscellaneous & Unique Projects

Everitt Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services

This 10,000 sf surgery center for animals included surgery, ICU/CCU room, special procedure rooms, X-ray room, exam rooms and a dog boarding area. Although not designed to as high a standard as human hospitals, our design included emergency power, increased ventilation rates, medical gases and more.

Olde Towne Pet Resort

This is a 26,000 sf, two-story luxury hotel primarily for dogs in a Virginia suburb of Washington DC. The project presented unique challenges because of high ventilation rates, a heated therapy pool, variable lighting levels, and a significant amount of plumbing. Luxury suites for some of the animals included televisions and sound systems which enabled the pets' owners to communicate remotely with their well-loved pets. There was also a separate "cat condo" area of the facility for their feline friends.

Snowmass Pool

Pueblo Crossing

Academy Fitness