A Multidisciplinary Approach

What makes us different is our approach. We don't have separate electrical and mechanical departments so we don't compromise one system to improve another. We see ourselves as building systems engineers well versed in plumbing, HVAC and electrical.

Electrical Mechanical and Plumbing

Design Services

We design with your needs and budget in mind and provide sound options and advice throughout the process. From complete plans and specs for plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems, to specific design tasks such as creating an electrical service diagram, plumbing isometrics, and load, energy and photometric calculations, we love the challenge of finding practical solutions.


We approach our clients' projects like we were spending our own money. We can help you noodle over system alternatives, conduct feasibility studies and are very familiar with the current building and energy codes to help clients achieve their goals while conforming to applicable codes. We have the ability to model buildings and help optimize system decisions.


Lease Reviews

We've saved thousands of dollars for our clients by reviewing landlord/tenant leases for them before signing. We've got good eyes and the experience to notice important details that make a difference:. The landlord would be happy for you to buy that $2,000 electrical panel, $3,000 feeder and $1,500 meter. Why not split the costs?

Need a Second Opinion?

Even if we don't design your project, we can offer our experience with a plan review and critique.

Building Inspections

We work with purchasers and owners to determine commercial feasibility, including energy analyses, system trouble shooting and recommended remedies.